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Clan Apply Federalcat30 Clan Application

Discussion in 'TeknoMW3 Clan apply' started by Federalcat30, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Federalcat30

    Federalcat30 Guest

    First and foremost, thanks to whoever is reading this for giving me the time and opportunity to even try being a part of this awesome gaming community, I truly want to join this clan because I am interested in helping catch cheaters and other modders on the Tekno MW3 servers, I have been playing MW3 for about 4 years and am very experienced, even though that probably doesn't matter, I still look forward to having fun on your MW3 servers and keeping them free from hackers and other modders. Thank you and have a good day.
  2. fardin

    fardin Clan Member Official Member

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  3. Federalcat30

    Federalcat30 Guest

    In game Name: Federalcat30
    Real Name: Aram Krajekian
    Country: United States
    In Game Ping: From 90- 140
    Can or would you donate to TK to help us with the Services?: I can't as I'm financially struggling myself but would love to.
    Will you respect and follow forum/server/clan rules?: Definitely 100%
    Will you be active on the forums and game server?: If I'm home and not working yes for sure.
    Were you in another clan before: Yes/No (if yes explain why you left): No
    Do you have any gaming experience and what games do you play?: (CoD, BF, CS, etc...): I have been playing video games since the PlayStation 1 came out as a kid and fell in love with MW3 when it first came so yes I would say I have some decent gaming experience.

    Do you have any forum/community experience?: Not really but helping out in this community sure sounds great and exciting.
    Why do you want to join TK?: It's the best clan not only on Tekno MW3 but other games and was really looking forward to helping out in a clan and decided that this was the best one out of all.

    Did you already joined our Steam group (**): Yes I have already joined your Steam group.
    Did you already joined our Discord server (***): Yes I'm already in your discord server.
    Please provide your profiles for other games platforms if any: Tekno MW3 is the only one at the moment.
  4. Keshav M77

    Keshav M77 Server Admin Server Administrator

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    Haven't seen u in game.. Haven't seen ur reporting ig or discord..
    Be active..
    Im neutral on this..
    Good luck with the application though
  5. Federalcat30

    Federalcat30 Guest

    Oh hey, thx man but the problem is every time I join ur mix or another server I get in by myself it's like no one else is there but it says as 16 or 17 people do you how I can fix this?
  6. Mysteryst

    Mysteryst Server Admin Server Administrator $ Donator $

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    If you really in the us maybe that's why since eu ppl sleep at your evening/night
  7. HenryBlake

    HenryBlake Server Admin Server Administrator

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    Are you maybe this guy ?

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