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StackerOfShit p2

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by yashin2k07, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. yashin2k07

    yashin2k07 Active User Registered

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    hello guys, plz before u just discard this post and ban me for the title lets just try(atleast once)
    to see the bigger picture here. ok? alright...
    Now ofc i'm not an easy person to deal with, but atleast i try to comply with the server rules these days.
    occasionally stacker will make comments about me saying i'm noob and all i'm good for is camping and so on, now mind u i dont have a problem with that because i engaged in it too and we both trade blows talking about whose better and what's not.
    today i taught it was a similar situation , until i got kicked.
    Apparently stacker was genuinely triggered and salty over being knifed from the back, i made a comment about it and he got even more triggered saying some
    insulting stuff(which i totally have no prob with) etc.
    But the real problem comes when someone uses their rank to take advantage of a situation in which they them self is helping to escalate.
    Stacker's behavior is very eye opening and should be looked into, higher rank admins doesn't even behaves the way stacker behaves.
    And hate stop blocking me, you does this all the time and it's not cool especially when u reported me multiple times for frivolous insults.
    I have a very bad feeling about this one, i might get ban...:( but u people will realize sooner or later u don't give kids weapons.

    Now I'll like to say that this complaint is not for stacker to lose his rank, it's for my protection and trust me when i say that....

    The demos are below, it started in fallen..
    followed by: bakara, resistance, arkaden, arkaden, and then that snow map.

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  2. +Qian28+

    +Qian28+ Grand Administrator Staff Member Grand Administrator Server Administrator Legendary

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    Lt Pui Pui
    Thank you for your report, we take complaints very seriously. Bad behaving Members have been kicked in the past before with the help of the community.

    We will look into this deeply and will report back in due time.

    Thanks for your patient.
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  3. PL4Y3R

    PL4Y3R Grand Administrator Staff Member Grand Administrator Server Administrator Legendary

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    We'll look at the case but is it so hard to put a proper title when doing such report?If anything even if he's guilty you're dropping on same level by calling him out with names and even worse because you're doing it in a topic where you're complaining about his behavior.
    Nonsense and a kindergarten is how the relationship between you too is looking like if I have to be honest.
    Either ways the case will be dealt with.
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  4. StackerOfWheaT

    StackerOfWheaT Ex-TK Former Member

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    The kick was a bit too much,I was angry from before I joined the game and it won't happen again.
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